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This is a page for my personal work as a filmmaker. The first two films, below, are features.  They are availabe to stream on pay platforms, but given that you actually came to my site, I’m happy to have you watch them for free on these private streams. Farther down the list are a wide variety of shorts.  I do documentary and corporate work for hire, as a director, and that can be found here.


My first feature, Everything Strange and New, premiered at Sundance in 2009. It went on to win a best first/second feature prize in Munich, a FIPRESCI (International Film Critic’s Award), and be nominated for both IFP Gotham and Independent Spirit awards.

TRT: 83 minutes

My second feature, The Deep Sky, premiered at Mill Valley Film Festival in 2017.  While I regard it as far more sophisticated filmmaking than Everything Strange and New, it seems I overplayed my hand, and quite a few people seem to really hate it.  I’ll let you decide for yourself.

TRT: 86 minutes


California is sinking into the Pacific Ocean, and Death appears in the form of a stripper.

Sinking State is a directorial collaboration between Beth Lisick and myself. It occupies a middle ground between funny, weird and bleak.

TRT: 11 minutes

Tied Released is set to the poetry of William Carlos Williams. It resides somewhere between experimental and narrative filmmaking and is built on a non specific emotional density that includes both joy and sorrow.

TRT: 7 minutes

The Duchess of Mars is a short I made with my long time friend Hugo Fat. It's an absurdist comedy about a cop, a geriatric sexual predator and a rocket scientist. It features themes of race, homophobia and the politics of policing, because those are fun topics for an absurdist comedy.

TRT: 11 minutes

These Reasons is a meditation on immigration, difference and the cultural melting pot that is America.  I encourage you to wear headphones, as the sonic experience, combined with the minimalist imagery creates a slightly psychedelic experience.

TRT: 5.5 minutes

Air Stars is an experimental film of dust particles suspended in the air. Made as a compliment to the musical work by the same name and by Kent Sparling.

TRT: 9.5 minutes

A Portrait of My Grandmother is a poetic documentary portrait I shot of my grandmother, Anne Frazer Fuller, in 1998.  After her death in 2014, I had the original film negative scanned and I remastered the film.

TRT: 3.5 minutes

Cherry Blossoms (For My Grandmother) is a minimalist experimental film I made to honor my maternal grandmother upon her death, the same grandmother documented in the film above.

TRT 4.5 minutes

BULB is an experimental work that documents the Albany Bulb, the old dump in San Francisco Bay for the city of Albany, CA, prior to it’s being “cleaned up.”  It was made as a commission to accompany a likewise commissioned musical work by Dan Plonsey.

TRT: 8 minutes