I love to make cinema.  I love the craft; I love to use the pallet of tools and team to work the immensely complex canvas that is the cinema image.  Just the richness of craft is enough for me to fall in love with, but the depth of meaning that cinema creates  is a tremendous dimension beyond.  I love to figure out how to serve a project's content.  The process of understanding the director's vision and the script's intentions and considering how to elaborate on them with light and camera are profound for me.  Being able to serve the content in a piece, through the use of my craft, is where, I believe, cinematography becomes art.


I believe in the director.  Philosophically, a work can never be truly great, unless it is guided by vision.  Sometimes that vision is the work of many, and sometimes it is the work of just one, but however many cooks are in the kitchen, the director carries the vision, and as DP, my job is nothing less than to understand, honor and realize the director's vision through collaboration.  No matter the strength of my conviction, I never believe that I am "right" and the director is "wrong", and I never demand that a director choose my approach over their own.  I will fight for what I believe to be important for the project, but I am always prepared to lose any battle, and for the director to win.  Always.


Frazer Bradshaw